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WeST Team Becomes Semantic Web World Champion

The SchemEX system presented by Mathias Konrath, Dr. Thomas Gottron and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ansgar Scherp from the Institute WeST has won the Semantic Web Challenge in the Billion Triples category at the 10th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2011. SchemEX provides a smart approach for indexing large and distributing graph based data as they appear also in the context of online communities. With Thomas Gottron, also researchers from the ROBUST project have contributed to this success.

The Semantic Web Challenge is the premier event for demonstrating practical progress towards achieving the vision of the Semantic Web. This year it was hold in its 9th instantiation and consisted of two tracks: the Open Track and the Billion Triples Track. The key difference between the two tracks is that the Billion Triples Track requires the participants to make use of the data set that has been crawled from the Web and is provided by the organizers. The Open Track has no such restrictions. Both tracks were open to everyone from industry and academia.

The Billion Triples Track in particular is meant to showcase what Semantic Web technology can do at Web scale. The Institute WeST is the only organization world-wide to have won the Billion Triples track twice since its inception.

Mathias Konrath, Dr. Thomas Gottron, and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ansgar Scherp presented their system SchemEX. The system demonstrates how clever ideas can be used to index the Semantic Web with a minimum amount of effort in a seamlessly scalable manner.


SchemEX: http://west.uni-koblenz.de/schemex/

Billion Triple Challenge: http://challenge.semanticweb.org/

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