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ROBUST initiates the Virtual Center of Excellence on Online Communities

Online communities are in the focus of several current research projects. While the focus and aims are always different, some key questions might be of interest across several of these projects. In order to foster the exchange of findings and to discuss ideas ROBUST initiated the Virtual Center of Excellence on Online Communities.

The center (http://robust.west.uni-koblenz.de/center) was launched on October 11th with an initial group of 10 Research projects during the ROBUST project meeting in Paris. The objectives of the center are to

  • shape the Online Communities of the future.
  • bring together leading experts and researches on Online Communities
  • exchange experiences and cutting-edge results

The agenda set out for the coming month is to organized a joined event dedicated to the exchange of research results, to publicise the virtual center of excellence at suitable venues and conferences and to extend its range to other projects with an interest in online communities.


Virtual Center of Excellence on Online Communities: http://robust.west.uni-koblenz.de/center

Clique: http://www.cliquecluster.org/

CNG: http://www.cng-project.eu/

QLectives: http://www.qlectives.eu/

RENDER: http://render-project.eu

ROBUST: http://robust-project.eu/

SocialSensor: http://www.socialsensor.org/

SOCIETIES: http://www.ict-societies.eu/

SocIoS: http://www.sociosproject.eu/

SPITFIRE: http://www.spitfire-project.eu/

+Spaces: http://www.positivespaces.eu/

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