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ROBUST Featured in STCSN E-letter

The ROBUST project is in the focus of the current e-letter of the IEEE Special Technical Community on Social Networks. The project contributed four articles. Thomas Gottron, the technical coordinator of ROBUST, is guest editor of the e-letter. The e-letter features an overview article providing the background of the project, motivating the setting and describing the ROBUST approach to community management from a high-level view point. The pro-active risk-management is detailed in a second article by Bassem Nasser, Vegard Engen and Paul Walland, describing the risk detection and treatment methodology implemented in the project. One core component in the analysis of online communities is role and behaviour analysis, which is presented in more depth in a contribution by Matthew Rowe, Miriam Fernandez and Harith Alani. Finally, Marcel Karnstedt discusses scalable social analytics of large scale online communities as they in the focus of ROBUST. Altogether the e-letter provides a good insight and overview of the setting, methods and algorithms developed in the ROBUST project.


STCSN E-letter Vol. 1 No. 2: http://stcsn.ieee.net/e-letter/vol-1-no-2

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