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Diversity among Enterprise Online Communities

There is a growing body of research into the adoption and use of social software in enterprises. However, less is known about how groups, such as communities, use and appropriate these technologies, and the implications for community structures. In a study of 188 very active online enterprise communities in the internal IBM Connections deployment in IBM, systematic differences in size, demographics and participation, aligned with differences in community types were found.

Different types of communities differed in their appropriation of social software tools to create and use shared resources, and build relationships. In a paper [1] just accepted to the CHI 2012 conference implications for design of community support features, services for potential community members, and organizations looking to derive value from online groups are proposed. The identified types and  implications can be used by the ROBUST project in order to derive health indications for different community types in its business use case.


[1] Michael Muller, Kate Ehrlich, Tara Matthews, Adam Perer, Inbal Ronen, and Ido Guy. Diversity among Enterprise Online Communities: Collaborating, Teaming, and Innovating through Social Media. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2012). Austin, Texas. (2012)


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